Wednesday, March 28, 2012



I need to update it because of some problems I am having.
This is what I get for attempting to write a very long post/letter at 2:00 AM.
I will post it on Twitter when I am done but check back soon!

Sorry again everyone.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

I am coming back soon...

Hi everyone,
Hope you still remember me, I name is Christo Skywalker.

I have been gone for so long (maybe over a year) for many reasons. (nothing bad except a few time I got grounded because of brother) I have been trying to come back but it's been so hard so I just stopped. This is just a post telling you I am alive and fine but I will be coming back this year and I will be having a post telling you about everything.

I am so sorry everyone.

Sorry again,
Saddened Christo Skywalker

P.S. Would someone be so kind to make a tweet about this post with a link so everyone knows? Thanks! I might be able to do one soon

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wizard101 Ravenwood News, Via Wizard101 Launcher

Membership with Bonus Crowns!
For a limited time, you can purchase a one year Membership and get 13750 Bonus Crowns - Click here to become a Member at this Special Price! 


via Wizard101 Launcher

Friday, February 18, 2011

Still on my break

Taking a little break from the social world right now :-)
I will be doing little updates on twitter so people don't forget about me :-P

I will be back soon!

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Christo Skywalker

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

*Sigh* update, again

Well I am still here!!

I have not quit nor am I dead.

I posted on twitter awhile ago that I would be taking a little brake from the social networking world, sorry I did not post it here too. My life kind of got busier and I have been getting frustrated with reading blogs and reading tweets etc. and I am STILL having trouble with finding the difference with DOAW and Central so I can pick one to stay active on. I also plan to make a Facebook, eventually! As I said in a past post I don't know how you all do it, your life is probably more busier then mine!

See you soon!

Christo Skywalker

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wizard101 Ravenwood News, Wizard101 Launcher Update 2-9-11

Temporary Housing Shutdown
All Castles & Lands will be temporarily unavailable to correct an exploit in the Gardening system. Players will not be able to recall to their homes, and players who are in their houses when the shutdown occurs will be logged out. We will update this message as more information is available. 

(Via Wizard101 Launcher)


So does anyone know what the exploit was? just wondering.

Christo Skywalker

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Wizards, you are truly amazing. You play wizard101, have tons of wizards, run blogs, twitters, forums, guides, facebooks etc. You are active in the community. you update you blog, twitter Facebook, central, DOAW and you read tons of blogs. I don't know how you do it. You probably also have IRL twitters and facebooks AND you have you IRL life, school, work etc. I don't know how you do all of this and still have time for everything else. It's like you stay on your computer for hours doing all this stuff and you don't even use iPod touches like me. It is amazing how dedicated you are. I could go on and on of how much you do, you make amazing houses, create wonderful guides... Ok, I will stop. You wizards are some of the most AMAZING people I have ever met. For real. I want to be like you all. I wish I could be more active, update everything and have fun. I am TRUELY AMAZAED.

Christo Skywalker

(posted at 11:45PM, sorry if my spelling is bad or if I have typos)

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Wizard101 Ravenwood News February 2011

Wizard101 Dragonspyre NPC Doodle  Welcome to the Ravenwood News!
Here you will find all the latest news from Wizard City and around the Spiral! Read all about updates, events and downtimes, and news from our fansites. Check back often!

Want even more news? Read announcements, questions and comments on ourMessage Boards.

February 01

  February Ravenwood Bulletin
There's a new Ravenwood Bulletin Newsletter available! Friendship Festival, Book of the Month Club, PAXEast, Reminder from Mr Lincoln, KIFreeGames on Facebook, Choose a Reviewer's Adventure, Giving Tree Results, Feedback Friday and a letter from Merle himself. Read all the latest news in our February 2011 Ravenwood Bulletin Newsletter

Test Realm is Online
We've got new Celestia housing, Gardening updates, World Updates, Membership Updates, Crown Shop Updates and lots of Miscellaneous changes. Learn more here

Wizard101 Ravenwood Bulletin February 2011

01 February 2011 - Volume XXX

    Let the Friendship Festival Begin!

Hello my friends, I'm Valentine Heartsong, and I've come to the Spiral for a very special event - the annual Friendship Festival! From the first to the fifteenth of February, I'll be in the Spiral selling special items and pets! You can find me at the fountain in the Wizard City Shopping District!

In addition to my in game items, you can also download, print and give out your very ownWizard101 Friendship Invitations! Just put your Invite-a-Friend code on these special valentine invitations and give them out to all your friends!

Not only will you have more fun playing Wizard101 with your friends, but you can also earn Crowns! Click here to learn more!

Harold Argleston's Book of the Month Club

Harold Argleston, Librarian
This is the February 2011 installment of my Book of the Month Club. These books have been suggested by a fellow Librarian from Earth, her name is Kit Ward-Crixell and she is a librarian in New Braunfels, Texas, USA.

This month we begin looking at books that remind us of the world of Grizzleheim. Inspired by Norse mythology, Grizzleheim is an airy, outdoor landscape of snowy mountains, glacial ridges and towering trees that is home to three new Wizard101 tribes - Bears, Wolves and Ravens.

The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer is the story of a Saxon boy named Jack who has to save his little sister from an evil troll queen. There’s an ice mountain, giant bears, and a crow named Bold Heart in this book that’s set in a place a little like Grizzleheim. The next two books in the series are The Land of the Silver Apples and The Islands of the Blessed.

Look for this book in your school or local library and enjoy reading, young Wizards!

Join us at PAXEast

Attention all East Coast Wizards! 
In March, KingsIsle Entertainment is teaming up with Beckett’s Massive Online Gamer Magazine at PAX East, a huge three-day festival for tabletop, videogame and PC gamers held annually in Boston. If you are already planning to attend, or if you will be in the area and can make it to the show, we’d love to see you and hear about your experiences with Wizard101! We have lots of fun things planned, including:
  1. A “Biggest Wizard101 Fan” contest with AMAZING prizes (more details coming soon).
  2. The chance to be the first Wizards to receive a new Wizard101 mount, the Moonlight Pony, by signing up for a Beckett subscription at the event. We’ll let you know about some other ways to get the mount as the show approaches!
  3. Lots of fun prizes and surprises!
This year PAX East will be held from March 11 through 13 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. For more information, directions and tickets, visit and see you there!

Give with a Click

Just one Click can Change a Child's Life
As you know, Wizard101 is a fully voiced over game, meaning players can have the text read to them. But imagine if you couldn't read at all? The ability to read, write, and understand allows a level of communication that can make a huge difference in every life and The Literacy Site makes it possible for you to give the gift of reading with just a click.

At The Literacy Site, we believe that educating children around the world to be literate is vital to making the world a better place, for them and for everyone else. The dissemination of knowledge and understanding is stymied for those who see the written word as an unsolvable puzzle. With a click a day, you can help fight the spread of illiteracy, and make a tangible difference in your world.

Message from Mr Lincoln

Wizard101 Registrar Mr Lincoln  
Reminder to Keep Up to Date!
When young Wizards register to become a member of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, they are asked for an email address. If you don't give us a valid email address, or don't check the email address regularly, you could be missing out on important information such as password resets or sanction notifications! This is just a reminder to make sure that the email address you have registered with Wizard101 is up to date!
    To change your email, just follow these steps:
  1. Log into your account at
  2. Click "My Accounts"
  3. If you have Parental Controls enabled, enter your Parental Controls password to log in, otherwise proceed to the next step
  4. Scroll down to the "Basic Information" section
  5. Enter your new email address in the Email field, then click "Save"
  6. Viola! Your new email is now in the system!
Learn more about this and other commonly asked questions in our Knowledge Base

Win Wizard101 Codes

KIFreeGames comes to Facebook
  Looking for all the latest news and announcements about KIFreeGames?

Look no further than our Facebook page!

We will regularly post contests, updates and other news so 'Like' us to learn about what's happening at!

Our free online games are family friendly, but are also fun for gamers of all skill levels. Play fun free online games and win free game codes for use in Wizard101.

Choose an Adventure

Choose a Reviewer's Adventure!  
Some of our young Wizards may just be old enough to remember the "Choose your own Adventure" books. Reviewer Beau Hindman has taken this idea and applied it to game reviews.

Over the next several weeks, Beau will play Wizard101. Help guide him or just follow his adventure through the Spiral at Choose Beau's Adventure.

Giving Good

Giving Tree Gives Big!
In 2010 we offered our players a chance to give a little Magic to someone else.

When you purchased a Giving Tree Seed from the Crowns Shop at the price of 2500 Crowns (approximately $5), KingsIsle Entertainment kept tally of all the purchases made before January 3rd 2011. You raised $55,182 and we have donated the entire value of the sales of the item to two charities in Texas. Click here to learn more about giving magic.

Feedback Fridays

  Have your say!
If you haven't participated yet, we invite you to be a part of Dalia Falmea's Feedback Friday. Each Friday she posts a new question to our players in The Dorms section of our Wizard101 message boards. We ask that you only address the question at hand, as off-topic answers will not be approved.

Look for this week's Feedback Fridayhere, and watch the Dorms for more requests for your input!

Lessons Learned

Wizard101 Headmaster Merle Ambrose
Letter from Merle Ambrose Regarding 18+ Chat

Recently we made a change to our chat system that left a number of people in our community frustrated -- or some cases, even angry. The feedback has been signficant, and I wanted to write you a quick note to let you know that, as always, we are listening.

First off, a quick apology. We did a very poor job of notifying you, our customer community, that this change was coming. To make matters worse, we completely failed to explain the reasons behind this decision. Please accept our apology for that, and allow me the opportunity to provide that explanation now.

A large portion of our effort here at KingsIsle is spent polishing our game, and all the related subsystems. It may not be apparent on the outside, but maintaining a virtual world with 15 million players can be pretty challenging. Operational systems, customer support, registration and billing, the website -- there are hundreds of individual pieces that have to fit together perfectly to keep Wizard101 running all day, every day. Our team is constantly changing these systems, improving them, polishing them, trying to make them better for you.

Sometimes when we make changes, we also make mistakes. A few weeks ago, we found that we had made an error: the explanation for how our 18+ Chat feature worked, as described on the website, didn't match the rules set that turned this Chat Filter off. The result was that a number of players -- all of them over 18 years of age, mind you -- were able to keep Open Chat working, even when their subscription expired.

Oops. Our original intention was to restrict this type of chat to active members only. We thought requiring a current, active credit card would be the safest, easiest way to ensure that 18+ chat remained exactly that -- a restricted feature meant only for our more mature players.

When we found that error, we put it on the schedule, and a short time later it was "fixed." The issue, of course, is that a number of our customers -- like those who have migrated from a subscription account to buying areas with crowns -- found themselves suddenly unable to use a feature they had grown accustomed to. This wasn't a problem before; in fact, when we added 18+ Chat, game cards were a pretty small part of our business. Now we sell them in almost fifty thousand retail locations.

Our intention was to fix an issue with our chat system -- not to alienate a portion of our community! We value our pay-as-you-go customers just as much as our monthly subscribers -- but by making this change, it certainly didn't look that way.

So the question now is: how do we resolve this going forward?

After much discussion, we have decided to move the system back to the way it was before -- and fix the messaging to accurately reflect this. As before, we will still require the use of a credit card to verify that an account holder is 18 or older -- this is not just the right thing to do, it is actually a legal requirement. This is not open to debate. But we can drop the restriction that you must have an active subscription. Once an account is verified as being over 18 years old, that account will remain verified, whether they continue to pay us or not.

We're going to make this change immediately, and I sincerely hope that this will address the situation to everyone's satisfaction. That said, player safety is (and must be) our first priority, and we will continue to review and revise our policies and rules to keep Wizard101 both safe and appropriate for all ages . We reserve the right to change things as we deem necessary, even if those changes are unpopular.

Please understand that we consider our player community to be our most important asset... We are listening, and we do care about your opinions. Thank you again for playing, and I hope to see you in Ravenwood.


J Todd Coleman
"Headmaster Ambrose"
Director, Wizard101

ps. one final note about feedback. We promise to continue listening... but only to opinions that are stated in a courteous, respectful manner. Profanity, insults or threats towards our customer support team absolutely will not be tolerated. Those who have acted in a discourteous or disrepectful manner -- in game, on our forums, or via email -- can expect their accounts to be immediately sanctioned or banned.