Thursday, May 27, 2010

A kind wizard is a great wizard

One day I was questing with Edward (the pet master) in Dragonspyre , we where both on the same quest I think, and we had to defeat a big boss so we went to go get the boss but Edward was way past me so I caught up with him and he already put the crystal in the stand (if you have a quest where you put a crystal in a stand to summon a  boss, but someone already put the crystal in you need to put the crystal the stand again, (it will not change the battle) so it will count) so I put the crystal in the stand and the boss says some things but once I got out of it I was trying to walk it the battle but the crystal stand was in my way but once I get around it Edward's friends Ported to him, so I tried to get in the battle but it was full, so I say "ugh" (but I wish I did not) but one of his friends is a lower level and does  not have the quest, so he said "oh you need this boss for a quest?" and I said yes so he left the battle and I got pulled in then he ported back and I gave him A great thank you and Edward said "its people like you that make the game fun" and that is right, and the wizard that was so kind to me is, Paul Seabreez, Paul if you reading this you are great! and Thank you! as Edward would say "its people like you that make the game fun". So remember, A kind wizard is a great wizard, so be kind like Paul and you will have a great time!


Christo Skywalker

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Friends with the famous!

Here's a cool story that I think you will like!

It starts on twitter when I get a direct message from Malorn Willowsmith (he runs with a true friend code! I was so excited that he wanted to be my friend, so I log on to wizard 101 and try the code but it does not work so I send him direct message telling him that it does not work so he sends me another code but that one does not work (I know, UGH UGH), so I send him my true friend code instead and it worked, so now I am friends with the one and only Sorcerer of the Spiral! But the story does not end here, I was playing wizard 101 and saw that Malorn Willowsmith was on, so I ported to him and he was in a fight with a friend named Edward so I help in the fight and then I realize that Edward is the PET MASTER (from, I could tell it was him because I have seen his pic before and he has blue hair so it is easy to notice him, so I asked him if he would be my friend and he said yes! so I tell him I am one of his fans and I know who he is, and we had a nice chat. So now I am friends with Malorn Willowsmith and Edward a.k.a THE PET MASTER 

Oh, and here's proof that I am friends with Edward

We are both is are Ravenwood Ball outfits, do you like them?

I will soon get a pic of Malorn Willowsmith and me.

So that my story, Hope you like it!


Christo Skywalker

Ravenwood ball

Here's my ravenwood ball poster!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ravenwood Ball and Contest by Diary Of A Wizard

Hello Spiral, Don't forget to come to the ravenwood ball and make sure to enter the contest! I will be coming so if you would like to meet me, make sure to come!
I hope to see you all there!


Christo Skywalker

Pet Giveaway by WIZARD 101 PRO PETS

Hello Spiral, I just wanted to tell you about WIZARD 101 PRO PETS pet giveaway, They are having a contest to win one of the new pets that are in the Test Realm.  The pets are SO cool, make sure to enter, the contest ends may 29th! Click Here to enter and for more info

Cant wait to see who wins!


Christo Skywalker

See you in the Spiral

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello Spiral!

Hello fellow wizards of the spiral, I am Christo Skywalker , Some of you might not know me so here is some info about me, I am a level 46 Pyromancer (fire wizard) and have been playing Wizard 101 for about two years, when I first started Wizard 101 I had no clue how to play so I was always getting pulled in to battles, getting lost in the commons, I had know idea how to fight so I was always getting defeated in battle etc. once I got to the part where you have to get membership to go on then I understood how to fight, it took me about half a month to get membership once I got it I started to understand wizard 101 some more, but it took me until the middle of Krokotopia to understand about stats (spelling?) you know what I mean, like how Clothes can give you more health or give you more power so your spells are stronger etc.
Then I understood almost everything, so I started as a wizard who knew nothing and know I am one of the most smartest wizards in the spiral! Whats next you ask? I got through Krokotopia (the world I hate the most) and got in to Marleybone and onces I saw Regent's Square I knew it would be my fav world!
Why my fav world you ask? Most wizards hate Marleybone becuse it has no sidewalks (when you walk on the sidewalks you are safe from being puled in to battle) But I read a post about how to walk in Marleybone and that SAVED MY LIFE! I made a better way to walk in Marleybone, I will post it later. I also love Marleybone because of the style, everyone in Marleybone is so proper, and I love the style of the clothes, in all of the other world the clothes STINK (except Dragonspyre) the clothes make you look so silly! Big Ben was hard but with friends it was fun!
I finished Marleybone and got in to Mooshu it was ok I loved how peaceful it was it was a nice vacation from the roof tops of Marleybone, I got through Mooshu pretty fast, it was fun, here come the fun part, Dragonspyre! my other fav world, they say that Dragonspyre is so hard and that no one will help you but that is not true it is just like any other world it has sidewalks just like any other world so it is not harder like they say. right now I am in The Crucible, I could use some help! I think wizard 101 is the best game I ever played!

Since I have told you my whole bio know I need to tell you somethings about my blog,

I will have a "pic of the week" so if you find anything cool on wizard 101 take a pic of it and send me a email @ and I might pick you pic to be the  "pic of the week"! 

wizard 101 made a guide on how to take pic in wizard 101, here it is.

How to take a Screenshot
Players can quickly take a screenshot now using the Print Screen button on their keyboard. This will save the file in your C:/Program Files/KingsIsle Entertainment/Wizard101/Bin folder (note this will capture your entire screen, so if you are running Wizard windowed, it will capture everything on your screen) You will see the following text to let you know you took a screenshot.

You can also take a screenshot using your Print Screen button. Follow these steps:
  1. while in the game, press Alt+PrtScn buttons
  2. Alt+Tab to desktop and start MSPaint or similar application
  3. create new image file
  4. press Ctrl+V or otherwise paste the clipboard content
  5. save the file in a safe place you'll remember
Did you know....?

You can turn off all the items that display on your screen by pressing CTRL-G - this will allow you to take cleaner screenshots! Press CTRL-G to turn them back on when you're do

OK now you know how to take a pic, so I hope to see my inbox full!

I am still working on my blog so I will have more very soon!

if you have an question or just want to talk to me, send me a email a

oh and please tell me how I am doing on my blog!

Christo Skywalker