Thursday, May 27, 2010

A kind wizard is a great wizard

One day I was questing with Edward (the pet master) in Dragonspyre , we where both on the same quest I think, and we had to defeat a big boss so we went to go get the boss but Edward was way past me so I caught up with him and he already put the crystal in the stand (if you have a quest where you put a crystal in a stand to summon a  boss, but someone already put the crystal in you need to put the crystal the stand again, (it will not change the battle) so it will count) so I put the crystal in the stand and the boss says some things but once I got out of it I was trying to walk it the battle but the crystal stand was in my way but once I get around it Edward's friends Ported to him, so I tried to get in the battle but it was full, so I say "ugh" (but I wish I did not) but one of his friends is a lower level and does  not have the quest, so he said "oh you need this boss for a quest?" and I said yes so he left the battle and I got pulled in then he ported back and I gave him A great thank you and Edward said "its people like you that make the game fun" and that is right, and the wizard that was so kind to me is, Paul Seabreez, Paul if you reading this you are great! and Thank you! as Edward would say "its people like you that make the game fun". So remember, A kind wizard is a great wizard, so be kind like Paul and you will have a great time!


Christo Skywalker


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