Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wizard 101 hits TEN MILLION Wizards!!!!!!

We're thrilled to announce that Wizard101 has surpassed 10 Million players. We encourage everyone to throw a party with your very own Party Pack! To receive this FREE item set, simply go to and enter the word PARTYPACK.

The Austin-American Statesman is also celebrating with us! 
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(Wizard101 Launcer)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Yea! I am done with the obsidian chest quest! moving on now, AHHHH SPIDERS!

The title says it all, I finished the obsidian chest quest days ago and now
I am in the crystal grove
and I have to battle tons of spiders,
this is going to take a LONG time, UGH UGH


Christo Skywalker

Saturday, June 12, 2010


can someone send something in please?!?!?



Christo Skywalker

Friday, June 11, 2010

Homework in a Graveyard's Belated Welcome back party!

Luke Dragontamer is hosting a welcome back party for Autumn Duskhunter
Click here for more info!

  • Host: Taji34 of Sorcerer’s Corner
  • When: Saturday, June 12th, 2010,  8:00PM CST – 10:00PM CST
  • Where: Death Tower, Nightside,
  • Realm: Dworgyn, Area 1
  • Who’s invited: EVERYONE!
  • Best dressed contest
  • Pet Derby Tournament (Practice derby races)
  • Sunken city runs
  • Hatchery time
  • Dancing!
  • And many other things (to be determined during the party)
Please if you have already posted this on your blog please make a new post stating the new date and time, also if you have a blog and you haven’t posted this please do! It is my first event and i want a good turn out! Thank you!

And remember, Tenure for Dworgyn!
There you go!
See you there! (I think I can make it)
Christo Skywalker

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wizard101 Notice-(6/5/10)

(Another W101 Notice) There you go fellow wizards/witches, KI is doing the best it can for it's gamers!


Christo Skywalker

Friday, June 4, 2010

Other way to take screenshots sent in by Malorn Willowsmith

Hello Fellow Wizards,
I received a email from Malorn Willowsmith about another was to take screenshots days after I did my first post with the how to take screenshots part for my "pic of the week" program
and I have been planing to put it in a post so here it is 

Hey Christo,
This is in acknowledgement about this post... You can also take a screenshot by clicking the prt scr-sysrq button on your keyboard... Also, you don't have to go to MS Paint you can right-click Wizard101 with your mouse then open file location. Then click documents-left side then click the Wizard101 folder and your screenshots are there then drag them from that folder onto the desktop. Then browse then upload your screenshots!
Sorcerer of the Spiral (M.W.S)

Oh and just a note Malorn, the guide I put in the post is not mine, its Wizard 101s.

Thanks Malorn for that info!



Christo Skywalker

Ravenwood Ball

Hello Spiral,
About a week ago I attended the Ravenwood ball they where celebrating Diary of a Wizard's 1st birthday, when I arrived in ravenwood there where not many people there yet just me and some other wizards, then more people came in to ravenwood and they where saying wheres Fallon? (Fallon ShadowBlade started Diary of a Wizard so she will start the party) so lodes of people started coming and then Fallon finely came, then she officially started the ball, then it starts to get crazy tons of people start to come, then I see some of the famous wizards like Leesha Darkheart, Stephen Spiritcaller, The Friendly Necromancer, Edward a.k.a. The Pet Master, Isaac Mistheart, Christina Icedreamer, Fallon MoonGem, Heather Raven, Jessica FairyHeart, Kestrel Shadowthistle (I think) and so many more! then we all filled ravenwood, so Fallon took the party to her storm house and that was crazy, we took pics (I will post them later) and we went inside, Fallon if your reading this, I love your house I don't know how you do it! inside her house, we all went crazy, as I said "this is not a ball this is crazy" then fallon said she would take the party to her myth house, so we all went to her myth house and I do not know how she does it but her house's are amazing! at her myth house we continued the ball then everyone was somewhere in the house but me Fallon and some other famous wizards stayed out side and I finally got a chance to ask Fallon to be my friend, and guess what? she said yes! then I had to go so I said good bye to my friends and Fallon
And thats the Ravenwood Ball for you!

heres some pics,

I just got there and none of the famous where there yet...

Its starting to get crazy, still none of the famous are there yet...

Fallon Shadowblade finally get there and I got a pic with her... 

Heres a better pic of me and Fallon...

Everyone is here...

Here's a pic of a green flash...

Heres a crazy pic...

A pib of me and Stephen Spiritcaller

We had to move to Fallon's storm house because ravenwood was full...

Pic time, I am not in this one...

I am in this pic, you can see some of the famous...

Here's a pic of the back of the everyone...

Thats all,
Hope you like this!

See You in the Spiral!


Christo Skywalker