Friday, June 11, 2010

Homework in a Graveyard's Belated Welcome back party!

Luke Dragontamer is hosting a welcome back party for Autumn Duskhunter
Click here for more info!

  • Host: Taji34 of Sorcerer’s Corner
  • When: Saturday, June 12th, 2010,  8:00PM CST – 10:00PM CST
  • Where: Death Tower, Nightside,
  • Realm: Dworgyn, Area 1
  • Who’s invited: EVERYONE!
  • Best dressed contest
  • Pet Derby Tournament (Practice derby races)
  • Sunken city runs
  • Hatchery time
  • Dancing!
  • And many other things (to be determined during the party)
Please if you have already posted this on your blog please make a new post stating the new date and time, also if you have a blog and you haven’t posted this please do! It is my first event and i want a good turn out! Thank you!

And remember, Tenure for Dworgyn!
There you go!
See you there! (I think I can make it)
Christo Skywalker

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