Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I AM SO SORRY!! (and some news) PLEASE READ!

Hello Everyone! Its Christo Skywalker!!
First of all I want to apologizes for not posting in mouths, playing Wizard101 and Twitter, the reason is my grandfather has been in the hospital and a nursing home so we have been so busy taking care of him. because we have to take care of my grandfather I have LOAD of homework. also... I AM IN A MUSICAL (can you guess what musical? hint hint!)! I am so happy! The rehearsals are Monday - Thursday 7-9pm so that really takes a lot of time (but they are so fun!!) and the musical does not end till the end of December. So now you know why I have been gone but this does not mean I will be back on, I will still be busy but I will make time to post, tweet and Play Wizard101. since I was gone for so long I have missed a lot but I have been read tweets and it is a load of help but I still have, I don't know, 500+ tweets to read (I know, UGH!) before I get back on track, so if you can help me  a little a tell me what has been happening that would be great! I have plans to post some news stuff so keep your eye out! I will be posting about Celestia next, I cant wait!

See YOU in the spiral!!

Christo Skywalker!!!

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  1. Hey Christo, Don't worry about it. Family should come first. Make sure you have fun with your gramps. I did and when I lost him about 4 years ago it was tough but I still remember the great time I had with him. Makes me happy. Nothing much going on with the spiral besides Fallon ShadowBlade, Friendly, and friendly's daughter showing off their new game stop gift card epic bundle rewards that they got from KI! Have fun and BREAK a leg. lol


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