Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Final Count Down Quest, Malistaire Run

Hello Fellow Wizards,
I recently got the final count down quest, about five days ago,
three days ago I took on this quest with help from the famous Robert Dragonheart a.k.a The Rogue Sorcerer and one other friend that had to leave (and his friend did one battle with us), it was so fun and acutely somewhat easy, we did it in less then 2 hours! I will post the photos later but do the story now. I acutely started alone then my other friend came and the way we avoided the first two battles (maybe more, cant remember (just mobs, not required)) is he would go in to the battle, I would walk around and he would ho view a crowns house then port to me. (The Book is around this area) we would do that for all the un-needed battles. when we got to the Gurtok Demons Robert got there (we where setting up the friends code stuff), we did the fire one first then the ice (that's when my other friend's friend got there). I got some GM stuff, I think storm and myth stuff, cant remember. then we had to do the crystal thing, we avoided all those bosses that you have to pass to get to on of the crystals. we opened the door,  then got to the part with the two battles to open the other door to get to Malistaire. They used to be timed and you would have to split up and finish the battle around the same time to open the door, they took that out of the game. we split up anyway to save time, me any my friend went together and Robert went alone, me and my friend finished first then he had to leave, Robert was not done yet so I went to help him, He had like five weaknesses (lol), we finished and the door opened, after that there is on more battle before you fight Malistaire, a whole bunch of creepy death ghosts things with big, um, *butts*.  We battled those, after that you get to listen to Malistaire, Cyrus and Silvia talk, its really cool, they are talking in chat bubbles, just like us!! I got photo of there whole conversation, will post later. when they finish talking, Malistaire get mad and makes Cyrus and Silvia disappear then you get to battle Malistaire and some more of those big butt death ghosts. Robert died like four times (LOL) I had to heal him every time, I have a pet that has Dryad and I had some Fairy Treasure cards, I did not die at all. onces we finally got rid of the ghosts and a little of mail's health with some AoE we where using. then we started to blade and trap, I had a fire trap treasure card, elemental trap, regaler fire trap, regaler fire blade, elemental blade and balance blade. I used a LOT of tower shields, when I was ready to use my dragon I cast a treasure card that add +25% critical, I did not have any critical so I only had 25%, when I casted my dragon I was taking so many screen shots that I did not see what I did (ugh) but Robert said I did around 5,000 with a critical!! Fire Dragon is a AoE, I wish I used another spell, I might have done a close one hit, (I have photos, will post soon!) but I am happy because I got a critical!only at 25% too! after the battle, I got some nice drops (will post photos later) but I did not get my Grandmaster robe, Malistaire turns into a ghost and he has a short talk with Silvia, then they both disappear. Cyrus comes back says some stuff (will post photos later) then he opens a portal to the headmasters office. I did not go in the portal right away, I had to go get the rose and I wanted to try to get my robe from Malistaire's chest, I spent 1,700 but I did get my robe and myth, storm and ice GM robes. I also got three level 45 anthems (I am using one, giving the rest to alts), I am lucky I got my GM robe, Its to get what you want from those chests. I actualy did not level up do Grandmaster, after I did the Malistaire run I went to go finish the rose quest and some other side quests. my next post will be about hitting Grandmaster.
If you would like more detailed information about The Great Spyre dungon and Malistaire, please visit these guides:

I would like to say thank you to Robert Dragonheart helping me, with out him I would still have that quest right now!! Please take the time to visit his AWESOME blog!! The Rogue Sorcerer

See you in the Spiral!


Christo Skywalker

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  1. Congrats man! Some of it is old you know. Glad you had a great time! :)


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