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Ravenwood News: December 2010

Wizard101 Dragonspyre NPC Doodle  Welcome to the Ravenwood News!
Here you will find all the latest news from Wizard City and around the Spiral! Read all about updates, events and downtimes, and news from our fansites. Check back often!

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Best Of ....
It's that time of year when people are pulling together their lists of the "Best Of's" for 2010. Wizard101 has many nominations, so visit these sites and let them know what you think was the 'Best Of' for you this past year.

  • MMO Sanctuary - Best Expansion

  • MMO Sanctuary - Game of the Year

  • Massively - Best Family Game of the Decade

  • Massive Online Gamer Best of 2010

  • - Favorite MMO Company

  • - Best Free 2 Play MMO

  • - Game of the Year

  • December 14

    Poetry Share
    Feeling in the holiday spirit? We are! Share your own Wizard101 holiday themed poem with us on Facebook. Those who submit great poems will be selected and placed on the Wizard101 site!

    Poem Details:
    Maximum of 10 lines.
    Wizard101 themed holiday poem

    We can't wait to read your work! Post it on our Event Wall!

    Save 25%
     For a limited time only, you can purchase 60000 Crowns for only $60 (that's 1000/$1)

    This is a great time to purchase Crowns to access premium areas and items in Wizard101. Hurry this offer ends soon! This special ends at 11:59pm Central US Time, on December 19th 2010.

    December 13

      Even Teachers Make Mistakes
    We just wanted to let all our Wizard students know that there was an error in the price of Moolinda Wu's Green Thumb Pack. The Pack was mistakenly priced too low. This pack is now priced at the correct value of 625 Crowns.
    We apologize for this error, and we will strive to make sure all our Crowns Shop prices are accurate.
    ~Professor Greyrose

    Give the Gift of Magic
    When you purchase a Giving Tree Seed from the Crowns Shop at the price of 2500 Crowns (approximately $5), KingsIsle Entertainment will donate the net proceeds to two children's charities. Learn more here!

    News Article: KingsIsle finding treasure in a game aimed at kids
    The Statesman recently visited our offices, read what they discovered! Statesman Article

    December 09

    Dig In! Gardening has arrived!
    To get started on your path to a greener thumb, visit Moolinda Wu in her classroom in Ravenwood if you are level 12 or higher.
    Read all the details here!

        Let the Yuletide Festival Begin!
    It's that time of year, and I'm back in the Spiral until the end of the month. My name is Felix Navidad, and I have lots of yuletide items for you to choose from, so bring your Crowns! You can find me in the Wizard City Shopping District, near the fountain.

    December 08

    Petnome Contest
    The Wizard101 Fansite - Petnome Project - is hosting a contest called the Petnome Paragraph. Players are challenged to create a short story using at least one Pet Ability in every sentence!

    The results should be fun! To learn more or to participate, visit the Petnome Project

    December 06

    Wizard101 Fan Fiction Doodle  Alone in a Crowd
    Many of our Wizard101 players prefer to solo as much of the game as they can, we understand this and have made some adjustments to the game to recognize that need. If you prefer to solo your games, you may be interested in this column Alone in a Crowd - The Fine Art of Soloing an MMO by Lisa Jonté.

    December 02

    A Gift for All!

    Tis the season of gift giving, and this year we have a special gift for you! Every account that logs in to Wizard101 the game between December 21st 2010 and January 1st 2011 will receive one Silent Nightcap gift!

    This hat looks different when worn by boys and girls, and you can place it in your Shared Bank for all your Wizards to try! Just look for the Silent Nightcap in the Gift window!

    Please note: one per account, redeemed on login between the given dates.
    Look for this icon in game and click on it to claim your gift!

    December 01

    December Ravenwood Bulletin
    There's a new Ravenwood Bulletin Newsletter available! Moolinda Wu has a special message for you, and there is another installment from our very own Harold Argleston. There's info about our wonderful Fan Artwork, a note about the Ice Elf Pet and a reminder from Mr Lincoln.

    Read all the latest news in our December 2010 Ravenwood Bulletin Newsletter!

    Rare Ice Elf Pet Bonus with Wizard101 Gift Certificate Redemption!
    This Ice Elf Pet is available with the redemption of a Wizard101 Gift Certificate purchased from the Wizard101 website.

    The lucky recipient of your Gift Certificate will receive a Winterborn Egg. Once that egg has hatched, it will become this rare Ice Elf Pet! Gift Certificate must be redeemed before February 15 2010 to qualify for the Ice Elf pet bonus.

    Give the Gift of Magic Today!


    Here you go! Enjoy!

    Christo Skywalker

    P.S. I bought myself a Star Staff from Felix Navidad (Sorry Stephen!), I will post a photo soon!

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