Saturday, January 8, 2011

Heather Emeraldflame's Memorial

Hello everyone,
Earlier I was at Heather Emeraldflame's memorial (organized by Panglou (a.k.a. Erin Bloomweaver), it was very well planed, everyone was well behaved, no dog piles on friendly (when I was there). The only thing I was somewhat disappointed about is how everyone dressed, I was the only one who had a black suit on (will post photo later), come on people! This is a memorial, not a party! I am just saying, people had multi colour clothes on, hat, robe and shoes different colours! Ok, next! There was a ton of people there, most I know, some where my friend's storm alts (to honer heather, she is storm) and some people I did not know at all. Many people had a little speech I was crying, I really miss heather. I had to leave because my mom made me get off (MOM!! I AM VERY MAD NOW!! GRRRR!), I was updated by Panglou and Arlen Dawneyes on twitter, thank you guys! I wish I was there at the end, I wanted to say a last goodbye. Also after the Memorial there was a social gathering, I wish I could have stayed for that, I know almost everyone and it would be nice to friend them. Every year on the th, I will visit the storm tower to honer Heather Emeraldflame. I might set up a memorial service next year on Heather official passing date, 1-4-12 (that should be right, will check with John to make sure).

Rest in peace Heather Emeraldflame.
I miss you so much.

Christo Skywalker

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  1. 1-4 is right. I didn't think to wear a black suit, I admit, but my Storm wand/pet were equipped. At least her mom appreciated it a lot :) PIP Heather


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