History/About Me

I play the magical mmo: Wizard101, I started playing about two years ago. I was reading some tweets on twitter so I decided to make a blog about the game. My Friends on Twitter (especially Heather Raven!)  really inspired me to start a blog so, I give my thanks to them and my followers/viewers! And thank you to Jessica Fairyheart for helping me with my header!

Background (Wizard101):

Wizard's Name: Christo Skywalker
Level: 48, Master
Main Magic School: Fire
Secondary Magic School: Life
Third Magic School: Ice

Fourth Magic School: Balance

I love about everything. I love Wizard 101, electronics (computer, Ipod touches etc...), Twitter, People, Travel, Cooking, London, Operas (especially Phantom of the opera!), cultures, etc... I have many many talents and if you wanna reach me you can leave a comment on my page or send a email at christo.skywalker0@gmail.com


(Here are my official sites, if you see me on other sites I was probably a guest but just to be safe make sure to tell me)

Skywalker's Journey a.k.a 

Christo Skywalker's journey (Main Site):

Diary of a Wizard (ConnectX): 


TwitPic (Twitter): 


Wizard 101 Central:

Additonal info: Coming Soon!